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Cement in the world
The material produced by Josef Aspdin in 1824 in his early Experiments to have a better building material, may be, was the first known Ordinary Portland Cement (He called it so, because concrete made from his cement looked like stones quarried on the British Isle of Portland). This material was so successful that it quickly became internationally produced and recognized as a substitute to other materials used all over the world in construction projects. The world nowadays produces more than 1500 million tpa. USA alone produces 80 million tpa while the whole Arab World produces about 100 million tpa. The annual per capita consumption of cement is regarded by many as an indication of prosperity and development. In Saudi Arabia this figure is considered one of the highest in the world as it goes as high as 1000 Kgs/year. Saudi Arabia nowadays is capable of producing more than 21 million tpa.
Types Of Cement
Cement manufacturers produce different types of cement in accordance with the requirements of the construction industry. Besides the most commonly used Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC or type –1), there are other types like the Sulfate Resistant Cement (SRC or type – 5), white cement, colored cement, oil wells cement, quick setting cement, pozolana cement, bacteria resisting cement and many others.