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  About Yamama Cement
It's one of the leading cement companies in KSA. It was established in Prince / Mohammed bin Soud Alkabeer's "mercy upon him" age. Its products started in 1386ah within one product line (oven no.1) with production power 300tonsClinker per a day. Then it continued to be widen and developing and it was the first one in 1392ah when they've added a second production line (oven no.2) which its production power 800tonsClinker per a day. In 1398ah was the second phase in it added two production lines their power is 1500tonsClinker per a day (ovens no.s 3& 4).
The third phase was in 14025ah by adding the fifth oven the production soared from 1400tonsClinker per a day to 5600tonsClinker per a day. The fourth phase took place in 1411ah it made the production jump from 5600tonClinkr per a day to 8650tonsClinker per a day that's because they've added a whole production line (oven no 6) with production power 3000tonsClinker per a day. The fifth phase by adding a whole production line no.7 etc. This was kept up with widen in milling materials energies, cement milling, saving the raw materials and the final products and as so generating the necessary electrical energy.
Another view about Yamama cement
The number of employees is more than () employees.
The daily production of clinker () tons which is more the () tons cement.
Clinker is the material comes from ovens which produced from burning raw materials under high degrees of temperature. This substance is being milled with a specified amount of Gypsum to become the known cement.
The company produces the original Portland cement which resists salt.
This cement is being delivered to clients either bagged (every bag weights 50 Kgms)or bulk.